Long hours don't scare job prospects

Georgia Department of Labor hosted a job fair in Americus. / Sean Streicher

With the jobless rates in Southwest Georgia on the rise, it's no surprise that upwards of 500 people headed to the Georgia Department of Labor's annual job fair in Americus.

More than 60 employers and schools were in attendance and one of the requirements for companies on hand were that they actually have a job opening as an employer.

Organizers say that could translate into several hundred jobs up for grabs at today's fair.

However some of these positions don't offer the typical 9-5 work day, which isn't scaring away applicants.

"At this point I will work whatever they need me too, Sunday through Saturday, it does not matter to me how many hours," said job seeker, Shankeia Wilson.

One thing that differed from person to person was the reason they are willing to work these non-traditional hours.

While some people find motivation to work odd hours through a love for the job, others find inspiration at home.

"My kids are what drive me, that's what makes me do what I have to do," said Corey James Cross, from Americus.

For more information on how the Georgia Department of Labor can help you get a job, visit their website

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