LOGCOM Major General relinquishes Albany duties

Major General Charles Hudson.

Major General Charles Hudson is on his way to Okinawa, Japan after relinquishing his duties at Albany TMs Marine Corps Logistics Command.

Major General Charles Hudson saluted his command one last time before jetting around the world to fulfill another mission within the Marine Corps.

To get the command that he is getting in the pacific says all that needs to be said about his leadership skills, said Jeff Sinyard, Dougherty County Commission Chair.

Major General Hudson spent close to two years with the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Command.

It is a bittersweet feeling as you transition from one command to the next, said Major General Charles Hudson; First of all, you come in with an idea of what you want to accomplish and quickly you realize that two years may not be enough.

During his stay in Albany, he was able to retrograde about 63 percent of equipment sent in from Afghanistan. Because of these conversions, hundreds of lives have been protected and spared by armored vehicles and equipment.

As Major General Hudson, relinquishes his duties in Albany, local officials are hoping his successor is able to fill his shoes while embracing the Albany culture.

I hope he will come in and feel the same way that Major General Hudson has felt. You heard him say how hospitable we are, how we welcomed them to our community and how they appreciated being welcomed and the general says he had never felt that way before, said Dorothy Hubbard, Albany Mayor.

Of all the memories taken with him, Major General Hudson says sweet tea and barbecue will always have a dear place in heart as a reminder of southwest Georgia.

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