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      Lofts, homes a goal for Downtown Albany in 2012

      You could say it TMs a New Year TMs Resolution for the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority (ADICA): Getting residential spaces in the area.

      Albany Downtown Manager Aaron Blair says residential spaces " including new lofts and saving historic downtown neighborhoods " is their top goal for 2012. He says they are working with property owners with potential spaces for lofts.

      Blair recently attended a Loft and Housing Conference to see what other Georgia communities and downtowns are doing. One main idea that he says came up was using incentives and tax credits.

      There's a lot of incentives out there for developers who want to do loft housing and especially in historic properties something that TMs on the national register there's a lot of things out there that maybe a lot of your normal people who own building might not know of all of the incentives out there, says Blair.

      He says the mayor in Augusta utilized part of the hotel/motel tax to redevelop and restore an area which is now a historic home tour. Blair says he is discussing similar strategies with City Manager James Taylor.

      Also at tonight TMs ADICA meeting, members went into executive session about a developer interested in acquiring some property. Blair says no details can be released about the property at this time.