Locals weigh-in on the iPhone 5

Apple's iPhone 5 unveiled. / Jessica Fairley

With much anticipation, Apple has finally unveiled its new iPhone 5.

The device goes on sale later this month.

The iPhone 5 has a slimmer physique allowing for an extra row of apps. It even comes with an aluminum back and glass plates for better wireless reception. Although there are new perks, some people are sticking with what they have.

"I'm content with my iPhone 4 and there are so many things on it that I don't know how to use," says Joe Bishop, an iPhone 4 owner.

There are some people who are anxious to try the new device.

"I've got some coworkers that got some iPhones that I've looked through and it's a good phone," says Andrea Jones.

Come November, Andrea Jones says she'll upgrade to the iPhone 5, joining the ranks of many across the nation who'll be in line.

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