Locals sought for cancer research

Participants enroll for cancer research. / Jessica Fairley

The American Cancer Society is looking for healthy adults to participate in a study that could possibly help find a cure for cancer.

Enrollment for the Cancer Prevention Study- 3 began Tuesday in Albany at Phoebe Northwest.

Close to 200 people showed up to volunteer.

Participates will be monitored to see how environmental factors and lifestyle genetics contribute to cancer.

"We're going to track the participants over the next 20 to 30 years. They will be tracked by the American Cancer Society and they will be mailed every two to three years so that they can update their health history," says Keisa Mansfield, Research Program Manager with Georgia Cancer Research.

Enrollment for the study will also be held Wednesday at Phoebe Northwest.

Thursday medical professionals will be enrolling people in Americus.

The study is open to both men and women.
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