Locals lend support to Oklahoma victims

The Salvation Army. / WFXL Graphic

In the aftermath of a tornado that leveled off portions of Oklahoma, rescue crews from across the nation are lending their support.

Officials with the Flint River Chapter of the American Red Cross say so far only one person from Georgia has been deployed to the disaster zone.

The Red Cross has opened six shelters as volunteers assess the damage.

Those with Albany's Salvation Army say usually branches in neighboring states get called to serve before any other entities around the nation.

Albany's local Salvation Army chapter is on standby.

"As the need is assessed and things become a little more solid then more units can be pulled in and directed as needed Major Kelly English, Director for the Albany Salvation Army.

English says if he gets a call, officials in Oklahoma will decide what services are needed; whether it is volunteers, personnel, or food donations.

Other businesses around southwest Georgia are also rallying up support for relief efforts. Wayne McClung with Coach's Bar and Grill says he is working with other southwest Georgia business leaders to raise funds to send to disaster victims.