Locals gear up for Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals start. / Jessica Fairley

Early reports show Black Friday sales are up six percent this year compared to a year ago and holiday shoppers are expected to spend more on Cyber Monday.

For some, there's no need to battle the crowds trying to find the perfect gift because through computer access, shoppers can not only find the perfect present but also the ideal price without leaving the comfort of their homes.

"Last year I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, so I turned to my trusty computer and did a lot of shopping online which I found I really liked," said one Albany shopper.

She is among many other home bound shoppers who believe browsing online allots time for price comparisons without the rush and the option to search other sites for coupons.

But it's not for everyone.

"I'd rather get out, come to the store, and see everybody. I don't like sitting in front of the computer, shopping and then waiting for it to come," said Target shopper Camelia Lewis.

Lewis says this year kitchen appliances and DVDs are at the top of her list but they won't come from online deals.

Others shoppers say you can't beat online bargains because in the end, they come out cheaper.

Instead of going to a shop, buying a gift, and then having to go to the post office to ship it, some believe it's easier to have the item shipped directly from the online store to a family member's home.

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