Locals enter the eye of the storm

Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast. / WFXL

Forecasters are predicting that Hurricane Sandy will cause millions of dollars in damage for cities all across the east coast and southwest Georgia is stepping up to the plate.

To help with relief effort, the Flint River Chapter of the Red Cross is sending some of their crew members to help where needed.

An emergency response vehicle has been sent to Ashburn, Virginia to help with cleanup efforts and to help victims affected by the storm.

Four additional Red Cross employees left Monday to help out.

"They will work in shifts. It remains to be seen how bad the damage will be but they will be up there for a week and then they will be relieved hopefully by more people from our chapter when we see what the assessment of the damage is," says Lara Gill, Exec. Director of the Flint River Chapter of the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross has opened 112 shelters in cities within the storm's path.