Local youth appears in Clint Eastwood film

Justin Scott makes an appearance in a Clint Eastwood production. / Jessica Fairley

Georgia is becoming the Hollywood of the south and one of southwest Georgia's breakout stars is taking a role in an upcoming film.

Justin Scott can be spotted in the Clint Eastwood production "Trouble with the Curve.' He traveled to Atlanta to work on the film.

Scott is currently filming the first movie in the series "Truth Seekers."

"This movie has got a really good message. He started getting ideas for this movie when he was young, Mr. Gaylord Parsons, and it's really doing a lot of good right now because it's trying to calm the world down for peace and it's coming in at a good time for the world," says Justin Scott, Actor.

He's also taking acting classes with "It's a F.A.C.T."