Local waters set to swell after Andrea

The Kinchafoonee Creek after light rains in Lee County.

Tropical storm Andrea is passing over south Georgia and leaving lots of rain in its wake.

Dougherty County EMA officials expect the Flint River to crest at just over six feet and then begin to drop on Sunday.

They say this depends on the amount of rain that we receive.

We don't predict any problem with the Flint. We don't predict any problem with the tropical storm that we're having coming toward us but we keep an eye on it, said Jim Vaught, Albany/Dougherty County Emergency Management Director.

Jim Vaught says this tropical storm should serve as a wakeup call to southwest Georgians to prepare for the hurricane season.

Emergency management officials in Lee County say the Kinchafoonee and Muckalee Creeks may swell a bit but there's no threat of flooding.

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