Local volunteers get dirty for Arbor Day

Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful, the Albany Tree Board and other organizations came together early Saturday morning to plant trees for Arbor Day.

Seven magnolia and twenty four winter berry trees were planted along Westover Boulevard.

Shovels, rakes and piles of soil were carried by members of the Daughters of the American Revolution and AmeriCorps. Students from Albany State University and Darton College also participated.

Kay Kirkman, chairman of the Albany Tree Board, said "one of the first things people see when they come into a community is how well maintained the area is and how pretty and soothing it is and I think it shows the pride in the community."

The Arbor Day celebration took some time to prepare for.

"A lot of effort goes into selecting the trees; ordering them by having them delivered and having the city participate and preparing the soil and having everything ready for the volunteers." says Kirkman

The participants of this event said planting trees is more than just playing in the dirt.

ASU student David Lawrence said "the earth is slowly becoming more and more at stake each day and with arbor day and with us planting trees, we're helping to at least keep the world where we live in at least a much better place to be and much greener."

A volunteer representing AmeriCorps and the Albany Police Department says doing this work has given her sense of pride.

"With me out here planting the trees, it makes me feel good that I am involved in the community and try and make it look beautiful," said Charmagne Preston.

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