Local volunteer of 33 years receives national award

Jane Willson served as President and Vice President of the Boys and Girls Club of Albany board / Sarah Bleau

A woman who's been with the Boys and Girls Club of Albany since there was just one area club was awarded for her service on Wednesday.

Willson received the Boys and Girls Club of America Service to Youth Award for her 33 years of work with the group.

She has served as President, Vice-President, Support A Boy/Girl Campaign Chairman and Capital Campaign Chairman. Willson says a highlight for her has been seeing the local organization expand to nine units.

"Seeing it grow, and it's gradual, and being a part of seeing it grow by getting fundraiser is a good way because then you can pay the people who need to be there," says Willson.

She says it's great to see the Boys and Girls Club of Albany afterschool programs increasing not only in Albany but in Sylvester as well.

"A lot of young people, the boys and girls, their mothers work and this gives them a place to go so they won't be on the streets, is what a lot of people say, and if your mama's not home you don't know what to do so the boys and girls clubs are the good place for them to do," Willson says.

Willson says she is honored to receive the award from the Boys and Girls Club of America.

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