Local teachers heated over charter school debate

Lee County Board of Commissioners. / Jessica Fairley

Constitutional Amendment 1 concerning charter schools is up for vote during November's election.

Tuesday night, Lee County commissioners listened to the voices of educators about their stance on the topic.

Sylvia Vann, Chairman of the Lee County Board of Education, addressed the board stating that the amendment would allow a committee in Atlanta to approve state charter schools against the wishes of the state's department of education.

Vann believes that public schools are already losing funding and this charter school amendment will cause a greater loss to public school systems.

"It creates another bureaucracy in the state of Georgia that we don't need. We are already not funded by the legislation now. This means it will create another board that will take money from our schools," says Sylvia Vann, Chairman of the Lee County Board of Education.

The charter school amendment goes up for vote on November 6th.

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