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      Local students react to backpack banning at UGA graduation

      After recent events, the University of Georgia has made the decision to ban all backpacks during their upcoming graduation ceremony and some local students say they understand the move.On Monday, many students were kept from their finals at Darton State College after an unattended backpack was reported in the J building and they were forced to evacuate for an hour.Although they were displaced, some students say they think the extra steps are needed during big events in this day and age after the Boston Marathon bombing.Others, however, argue that a backpack is their personal property and say they think this is only the beginning of banning many items and it could spread to purses and other belongings.Darton Dean of Institutional Advancement and Public Relations Tracy Goode says just like their steps taken during Monday's incident, he believes UGA is taking the steps they feel will ensure the safety of everyone at graduation while lessening any sense of fear.Goode says what was once an innocent item for school supplies is now something that could be considered a threat and college campuses are taking the precautions needed to keep a "better safe than sorry" mentality.

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