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      Local soldier shot but survives, family speaks out

      Update 8/7/14:

      Captain Jeremy Haynes brother, Jeffrey Haynes, told FOX 31 Thursday Haynes is now being treated at a medical facility in Germany.

      They're waiting to hear now if he can come back to a facility in the United States for treatment.

      Haynes says his brother is expected to be okay but they're still asking the community for prayers.

      Original Story:

      The most senior U.S. officer to be killed in a war since Vietnam, Major General Herald Greene, was killed Tuesday at a training facility in Kabul, Afghanistan.

      In the same room as him was a southwest Georgia native, Captain Jeremy Haynes who was also shot but survived. Haynes is a Dougherty High graduate and was stationed in Virginia before being deployed to Afghanistan. FOX 31 sat down with Haynes TM family Wednesday to find out how they TMre coping.

      His mother, Joyce Hope, says, I just thank God he TMs still alive, and she told FOX 31 the latest news she TMs gotten on her son, the latest I got on him he was still in Afghanistan and in recovery.

      Captain Jeremy Haynes was one of 15 injured when an Afghan soldier opened fire. His brother, Jeffrey Haynes, says, when we got the news yesterday it was just like a blanket being thrown over our heads.

      While the family waits for more news on their soldier they TMre asking the community for one thing, just prayer, just prayer, says Hayne TMs mother.

      Jeffrey Haynes says his brother always told him that he was his hero, but at the end of the day, he TMs my hero.