Local schools receive their progress reports

The CRCT results by school are officially posted and our local counties are happy with the results / Fox 31

The CRCT results by school are officially posted and our local counties are happy with the results.

"We've been very pleased with the scores this year, especially in our main core areas," said Lee County Board of Education's Curriculum Director, Gail Melvin.

Lee County schools met or exceeded standards in 22 of the 30 testing areas and the Dougherty County School System also brought in positive results.

"Overall this year in Dougherty County we had an increase in 20 of the 30 different testing grade areas," said Dougherty County School System's Public Relations Officer, R.D. Harter.

Children in grades 3 through 8 were tested in reading, language arts, math, science and social studies to make up the 30 areas and officials say the test helps them prepare for the upcoming year.

"The purpose of the CRCT primarily is to gauge student performance so that teachers can adjust instruction, and provide students what they need to be prepared for the next year, be prepared for the next level of instruction in that course area," said Harter.

While Lee and Dougherty counties posted successful numbers compared to the 2011 results, they both say math is an area that needs improvement.

"What caught my attention about the math scores this year was that it seemed to affect everybody," said Harter.

"We just expect a lot more out of the students in math than when we were in school as everybody keeps saying that kind of thing," said Melvin.

Despite the few numbers that didn't increase, both systems are looking forward to the new school year.

"I'm just excited that we have new curriculum and we can try to work this year to keep kids on an upward trend in terms of academic performance," said Harter.

"It's not just enough just to meet it, we want you to improve that score year to year and move to the next level and that's what our focus will be," said Harter.

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