Local schools honored for AP exam excellence

The Dougherty County School System sign outside of the Administration Building. / Jessica Fairley

Georgia schools are now ranked 12th in the nation for seniors scoring a three or above on their Advanced Placement exams.

Monroe Comprehensive, Westover, and Lee County High schools are named as AP Stem schools, meaning they have students testing in two math courses and two science courses.

Albany High and Berrien High schools are AP Challenge schools. They have students testing in all five core curriculum courses.

School officials say this honor proves the AP program is on the right track.

"Being named for this list means that our curriculum department is aggressive in making sure that we have the certified teachers to teach AP classes and that we have the right people in place and encourage students to excel at the best of their ability," said R.D. Harter, Dougherty County School System Public Information Officer.

Mitchell County High and Cook High schools are also being honored on the for their Advanced Placement exams.

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