Local scholarships provide extra cash for college

Lee County High School has a shelf for local scholarships. / Sean Streicher

The halls at Lee County High School are empty as the class of 2013 prepares to graduate. Up next for some of these students, college, and with that come tuition, room and board, and books. One option available to help pay for all this is local scholarships.

"Any local scholarship that we're aware of in our office sometimes there local businesses or organizations, we put that out there in a monthly news letter." said Melissa Royals Senior Guidance Councilor.

In that news letter is information about the scholarships, what the application process is and how much their worth, which can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Officials say a lot of students choice not to apply for these scholarships because they think it's a lot of work, but according to UGA bound Senior Sarah Dowling, who has received several local scholarships, that's not the case.

"You can write a few essays and a lot of the times the essay topic repeat, it's not a whole lot of time. I mean you get all of your stuff down, all of your community service, your leadership opportunities together and it's not at time consuming as people might think," said Dowling.

While it may be a little late for this year's seniors to pick up an extra scholarship, as most of the application deadlines have passed, it's never to late for juniors to think about applying as the first scholarship news letter is set for August.

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