Local runner relives Boston Marathon experience

Charlene Pennymon was honored at a luncheon Tuesday at Phoebe Sumter. / Sean Streicher

When Charlene Pennymon recalls her first Boston Marathon she speaks about the crowds and the electric atmosphere, but it's the events that that took place moments after she crossed the finish line that will leave a everlasting impression.

"That's when we heard the first explosion, some of us were walking away and we looked back and we were like what is that, we just thought it might have been part of the festivities, we didn't think anything more about it then the second one went off," said Pennymon.

Pennymon didn't know the weight of the situation until she was able to get her cell phone and call her husband who was there as a spectator.

It wasn't until the two got back to their hotel room that they were able to call their daughter, Clarissa Pennymon Cadogan, "after I got that news I was just relieved, I mean I felt like I was on cloud nine to find out my parents were alright."

While Pennymon's thoughts and prayers remain with the victims she says she also feels for the runners who weren't allowed to finish, "It's heart breaking because we as runners we're dedicated to this when we get our mind set on we're going to run a certain race at a certain time we get our game plan and we attack it."

Pennymon has already qualified for next year's Boston Marathon and says she plans of running in it, "if you don't continue to do what you love then the terrorists, or these people, win and you don't want that."

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