Local restaurant packed thanks to Phillip Phillips

People at El Maya are known to wear shirts celebrating Phillip.

A lot of people love listening to Phillip Phillips and now you can eat like him too! On the Wednesday night edition of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest asked Phillips what he missed from home and he mentioned El Maya on Dawson Road. Tony Diaz with El Maya says he TMs grateful for the national shout out and would happily rename Phillips TM favorite dish after him. Whenever he comes he usually gets the half order of grilled chicken nachos with no veggies. Sometimes he gets something else, but usually he gets that as his favorite dish says Diaz. Since the shout out Diaz says they TMve received dozens of phone calls and have been packed. When asked if he TMll name a dish after Phillips he laughs shaking his head yes. He shouted me out to 14 million people so he can name whatever he wants to on the menu says Diaz.

El Maya also installed two big screen TV TMs so their American Idol fans can cheer on Phillips while enjoying their meal.

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