Local residents flock to stores for Black Friday

Black Friday shoppers flocked to local stores to get their hands on the best deals of the season. / Doug Reardon

Another Black Friday has come and gone. Gift list items have been crossed out, the check-out lines have dwindled and, if all went according to plan, the local shops are left with very little inventory.

If you happened to be one of the shoppers who braved the Black Friday rush, you may have noticed a thinner crowd than that of years past. That could be thanks, in part, to many stores in the area opening their doors on Thanksgiving evening instead of during traditional Black Friday hours.

Thus, the "Black Friday" we have come to know and love â" or hate â" has now morphed into "Black Fridayâ|and Thursday night." Yet despite a slimmed down rush for deals and discounts, bargain hunters still flocked to the stores to get the best prices of the year on items big and small.

FOX 31 wanted to know if shoppers planned to spend more or less this gift-giving season than they did last year. So we took to the streets and asked some consumers.

"I probably will be spending more because I was smart this year and saved money during the year," said Kerry Bryant outside of Target, bags in hand.

Others said they won't be digging as deep into their wallets. "Honestly, less," said Kelly Prince after exiting Gander Mountain with her daughter. "Just because I bought more last year. There's less on sale this year."

Others planned to spend more this season, but not on gifts.

"We're spending less on our family and more on those that are in need," said local shopper Amy Stevenson.

To be fair, the holiday season did come up fast â" it always does. So we can't get too fussy with those who haven't even started making a list and checking it twice.

Brandon Bryan hit Target for some Black Friday deals before heading off to work. But holiday shopping was not exactly the first thing on his mind.

"I've not even begun really," he admitted. "I've only spend about six bucks."

You just can't beat those Black Friday deals.

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