Local Red Cross helping with Hurricane Irene

The American Red Cross dispatched the Flint River Chapter's emergency response vehicle to help with Hurricane Irene.

The vehicle will drive to Massachusetts where a Red Cross staging area is being set up to help people in need across the entire East Coast of the United States.

200 Red Cross emergency response vehicles were dispatched.

The goal is to get resources closer to cities that will be directly affected by the hurricane.

Red Cross Flint River Chapter Emergency Services Director Nigel Poole is driving the truck along with his father. The vehicle is empty now, but they'll pick up supplies along the way. "We're probably taking some comfort kits which are premade kits for people that include blankets, pillows, cots, and stuff like that. As well as disaster clean up kits which include mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies for people that have no significant damage so they can clean up their house" says Poole.

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