Local police start new outreach to prevent crime

Law enforcement agencies spread crime prevention awareness within Hispanic communities. / Jessica Fairley

The Albany Police Department, the Sheriff's Office, and the Dougherty County Police Department are participating in a proactive initiative to help reduce the number of crimes committed against members of the Hispanic Community.

This comes after several attacks on the Latinos within the Albany area.

"People know that they carry a lot of money in their pockets and they know that they cannot use the bank so that's one of the reasons why they're being attacked," said Albany Police Corporal Jorge Lopez.

Officials are entering neighborhoods and helping spread awareness through face to face interaction and distribution of crime prevention literature.

"They don't have to worry that they can't speak English or they maybe don't have documents and they're afraid of being deported," said Dougherty County Police Translator Jennifer Dorminey.

When it comes to crime, these issues become non-existent. The most important factor is the safety of the community.

This is why law enforcement is also offering public safety tips to the Hispanic population.

Community members are asked to enter public areas within groups or at least travel in pairs and businesses are being advised to beef up their security just in case an attack does happen.