Local police on scene at Shoreham Apartments

Photo Credit: Kerri Copello

First Update 12/4/12 5:30 PM
Albany police say they responded to burglary at the home of 33-year-old Benjamin Tompkins on Forest Glen Road and told officers that unknown person(s) entered the property without permission or authority.

A citizen saw the suspects coming out of the storage shed on Tompkins property and yelled at them; they proceeded to flee the property. Officers arrived in the area and were taken into custody at Shoreham Apartments after a brief foot chase.

The suspects are being interviewed by detectives and no charges have been filed at this time. Tompkins says that no items were taken from the property.

Officials have not confirmed whether a large gun removed from the apartment was from one of the suspects or not.

Initial Story
Officers with the Albany Police Department and Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit are on scene at Shoreham Apartments responding to an unknown incident.

Three unmarked police vehicles along with an Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit vehicle were inside one of the apartments on Dawson Road shortly after 1 PM.

FOX 31 Newscrews are at the Shoreham Apartments and will have more details shortly.

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