Local organizations shed 'Light on After School'

Children play football during an after school fun day. / Jessica Fairley

Local city leaders are bringing a national event to Albany to shed light on after school programs.

'Lights on after school' is sponsored by the National After School Alliance.

The outreach ministry for Greater Second Mount Olive Church hosted the event in Albany.

Over 600 children participated to raise awareness about the importance of after school programs.

There was fun, games and food offered to all who attended the event.

Organizers say the play day was a chance to show the community how important these programs are for the city and its residents.

"I think the hours of three to six are when juvenile crimes are at its peak and so sometimes parents just need somebody to look out for their kids until they get off work or until they get situated. So we are very vital and we are very important," says Clinton Johnson Program Director for OASIS, Olive After School Insuring Success.

This was the second year that Albany after school programs participated in the national event.

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