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      Local Marines return from Afghanistan

      Family, friends, and marines welcomed back three men who were deployed to Afghanistan for eight months.

      The men were all focused on logistics while there, however they all say that the entire time overseas they were focused on coming home to their loved ones.

      Sgt. Turner Joshua says seeing dozens of other marines welcome him home means the world to him. It TMs exciting knowing that we do have that support from fellow marines says Joshua. Gunnery Sgt. Efrain Banuelos spent his time in Afghanistan organizing, tagging, and shipping military equipment back to the states. He ran to his wife and daughters as soon as he stepped out of the van. We took care of the equipment so they (deployed marines) don TMt have to worry about it. That TMs one less thing on their mind, that way they get their ~welcome home TM just like I did says Banuelos.

      Although the marines who returned say it TMs possible to be deployed again in the future, they all say they TMre going to focus on spending quality time with family and friends.

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