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      Local law enforcement warns citizens of beefed up patrol for New Years

      Dougherty County and Albany Police are pumping up patrols for the New Year's weekend

      Albany and Dougherty County Police are increasing patrols during the New Year TMs holiday, looking for drunk drivers.

      Officers say they TMll be stationed in high visibility and high traffic areas over the weekend. Dougherty County Police say HEAT units will be out in full force. They encourage those who drink at parties to have a designated driver or call a cab.

      What we do request is that anybody going to a party, whoever TMs hosting the party, either have set up transportation for people to get home or set up a place for them to stay because we TMre going to be checking hard for DUIs, says Sgt. Eric Hermann with the Dougherty County Police Department.

      Albany Police also warn not to fire a gun in the air at midnight. They say bullets can come down at a great enough speed to fatally wound someone. If you do hear gunfire on New Year TMs Eve, police ask that you call them.

      APD is also keeping an eye out for speeders, reckless motorists and anyone driving without a seatbelt. They urge motorists and passengers to use safety belts to minimize the risk of injury in the event a traffic crash.