Local Iraqi war veteran found

Leesburg police say they tracked Tompkins at a friend's house using technology and social media / Sarah Bleau

6th Update
Chief Charles Moore with the Leesburg Police Department has said that they are in contact with the Veterans Affairs hospital in Dublin to get Tompkins assistance.

5th Update
School officials have shared more information on the process that happened today while Leesburg police were searching for Tim Tompkins.

Lee County schools were on a Code Yellow alert for heightened security. All outside doors were locked and students were kept in their classrooms. Lunch was served to students with teachers monitoring the hallways.

"It wasn't a full major lockdown where everyone gets under the desk and all that type of business; it's more what we call a warning, we call it Code Yellow," says Lee Co. Superintendent Dr. Lawrence Walters.

Walters says during emergencies like this the school system uses email to communicate with the schools and police department.

"Communication is the key to a lot of things especially in a situation like this so we try to keep them appraised and the police department is great, they keep us appraised too," says Walters.

Outside classes such as the physical education classes were kept inside for the day.

4th Update
Chief Charles Moore of the Leesburg Police Department says the man's name is Tim Tompkins. Moore says Tompkins did not know that officers were looking for him and they were able to track him to a friend's house via his cell phone.

"He was wondering what he did wrong, and we explained to him what was going on and he understood. He wasn't mad or anything," says Moore.

Moore also says that Tompkins will not be charged but that they do want to get him him help for his problems.

"The young man's got some issues. He's been in Iraq and has had some problems from when he came back and he's trying to get some help and he's having a hard time getting help from the VA so we're going to see what we can do for him," says Chief Charles Moore with the Leesburg Police Department.

3rd Update
Law enforcement in Lee County have caught Tim Tompkins.

2nd Update
Leesburg Police are still looking for this man at this time.

1st Update
Authorities have confirmed that a 31-year-old white male Iraqi war veteran has been spotted in the area around Lee County Primary School, possibly wanting to injure himself.

Investigators have described him as wearing blue jeans, a white flannel shirt with a hole in the side, and a grey backpack.

Leesburg Police are bringing in search dogs from Mitchell County to aid with the seach.

If you see this man, you are encouraged to call the Leesburg Police Department at 759-6464 or 759-6465.

According to the Lee County School System, all other area schools are on alert.

Initial Story
Lee County Primary School is on lockdown due to an armed man being spotted in woods near the school.

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