Local holiday traffic accidents

Traffic signs

Lee County Police say they didn't respond to any holiday traffic incidents, but it was a different story for the Albany Police Department.

Captain Reginald Brown with the Albany Police Department says they responded to three accidents, one had injuries, and one person was arrested for DUI.

Georgia State Patrol monitored local counties and they had a few holiday incidents as well. Corporal Scot McClure says it's typical for a holiday weekend. "We responded to a few accidents, DUI's, and minor run ins. One accident was alcohol related" says McClure.

One reason police say there may have been fewer accidents is because of their heavy presence. "We had extra officers patrolling the street and highway" says Brown.

Southwest Georgia isn't immune to traffic accidents. One person died in Thomas County and another person died in a Grady County car accident.

Georgia State Patrol recommends you start early for holiday trips, pay attention, don't follow other cars too closely, and stay off of cell phones while driving.