Local eye care center merger adds doctors, services

Wall Eye Care and Eye Center South have merged / Sarah Bleau

Patients at Wall Eye Care say they're glad to see a recent company merger is bringing extra help to the office.

Wall Eye Care recently merged with Eye Center South, one of the country's leading ophthalmic centers. The Palmyra Road location, now known as Eye Center South, Albany, will feature the usual patient care as well as additional surgical eye care that they say would have previously sent patients out of the city for treatment.

"We'll be offering glaucoma sub-specialty care right now sub-specialty care cataract surgery as well so patients will have a shorter wait time to see a sub-specialist," says Dr. Kirk Sturridge, a glaucoma specialist and one of Eye Center South, Albany's new doctors.

Eye Center South, Albany also does surgery now for retinal and diabetic eye diseases, cataract removal and lens implantation as well as LASIK laser vision correction.

"In the coming months, our goal is to further expand our list of services offered to patients in Albany and the surrounding areas," says Dr. Marnix Heersink, Founder and Medical Director of Eye Center South, in a press release.

Eye Center South, Albany also includes a 4,900 square foot Medicare-approved out-patient surgery center. The outpatient surgery center adjacent to the Albany office is a Medicare-approved facility offering patients the safest, most convenient and cost-effective method of eye surgery today, say officials at Eye Center South, Albany.

Approximately four new doctors will be joining the team because of the merger.