Local Boy Scout Councils may be merging

The Chehaw and Alapaha Councils may be merging. / Sean Streicher

The Chehaw Council, of the Boy Scouts of America, held a special called business meeting Tuesday to vote on the proposed consolidation with the Alapaha Council.

All but one person voted in favor of the merger, which is said to improve four major areas starting with administration.

"We have a lot of administrative type duties that are being fulfilled here in Albany. By merging the two councils we'll have all of that centralized in one location", said the Chehaw Council President Elect, Julian Price.

It also will improve fundraising efforts in the annual popcorn sale, by consolidating ordering which will decrease prices.

Joining the two councils will open up camp Patten, in Lakeland, and Comp Osborn, in Sylvester to boy scouts from all 29 counties affected by the merger.

The Scouts will also see an increase in personal helping carry out activities and events.

Price says, "We will have a field person in Albany; there will be another field person in the Tifton area, another field person in the Valdosta area."

The merger is not a done deal just yet as the Alapaha Council still needs to vote on the matter but they say the support the Chehaw Council received in passing the consolidation, gives them hope their outcome will be the same.