Local author reads to children at Phoebe

A child points out a scene in the book "Cuckoo Cocoa Kokomo". / Sarah Bleau

A local children's book author read to children Friday afternoon at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Crystal Barton wants the children to know they are not forgotten and that it is important to read.

She handed out copies of her first published children's book, "Cuckoo Cocoa Kokomo," to the children after reading to them. She says there's one part that the kids always laugh at.

"Their favorite part is always, 'Our sweet but not so innocent little puppy who grabs your underwear just as your about to put them on. She knows you can't chase her, you have no clothes on.' That's their favorite part," says Barton.

Crystal Barton says her two daughters who love reading inspired her to write the children's book.