Local author donates book proceeds for the past 3 years

Michael Aye, author of the fighting Anthony series, speaks at the Dougherty County Rotary Club. / Sean Streicher

Local author Michael Aye has a new series about to be released on the War of 1812.

Aye currently resides in Lee County and is responsible for the Fighting Anthony series, which currently stands at five books.

Over the past three years Aye has donated all proceeds from his books to charity.

"I feel like we should all reach out and help those who are under privileged, under served, and I just like to help my fellow man", said Aye.

Aye is also a physician assistant, specializing in allergies and asthma, and has helped write a book on his specialization called, "What's The Reason for All That Sneezing and Wheezing?"

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