Local animal shelter filled to capacity

One of many dogs up for adoption at Best Friends Humane Society. / Courtney Highfield

The Best Friends Humane Society animal shelter in Worth County is currently filled to capacity with dogs, cats, and even a pig waiting to be adopted.

Shelly McPhaul, with BFHS, says they receive a set amount of money from the city to take care of all the animals; this number doesn't change based on how many animals they have. But even though taxpayers aren't suffering or having to pay more, the shelter is. Having more mouths to feed means not only needing extra food, they need extra soap, bleach, paper towels, and they're constantly having to run the water which makes that bill go up as well.

They have over 50 dogs and nearly a dozen cats at the shelter right now. McPhaul says just last Monday they took in 20 animals, most of which were strays.

McPhaul says although they try to avoid this at all costs, having too many animals does mean that eventually some will have to be euthanized.

In order to prevent this, not only do they need people to adopt the animals, they need volunteers and donations.

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