Local agencies continue fight against child abuse

The Lily Pad takes care of sexual assault victims

Would you know what to do if you found out a child you know is being abused? This is a main focus for child advocates as Child Abuse Prevention Month wraps up.

To report child abuse all you need is reasonable suspicion. Teachers, doctors, and police are just some of those required by law to report abuse. However, many don't realize ministers must as well. Rhema Word's Bishop Victor Powell has reported several times.

"You'd be surprised how many parents will tell their children, 'This is never to be spoken of. This is never to be talked about.'

Amy Boney with the Lily Pad SANE Center adds that after reporting, "The next step is to look at a prevention end. Prevention is not talked about as much as it should be and we have a program, Stewards of Children, that teachers anyone over the age of 16 how to protect a child from child sexual abuse."

Sexual abuse costs Dougherty County $10.4 million a year. To report abuse, call police or the Department of Family and Child Services.

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