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      Loan set to kick job creation

      The Albany Board of Commissioners approved a SPLOST VI bond loan to jump start job creation in the area.

      This will help us kind of make sure that we can get these projects done in a timely manner also help get some people some jobs and really spark the economy here in Albany, Georgia, says Commissioner Chris Pike.

      He says the $14 million bond is for city upkeep that needs to be done on a consistent basis.

      The board approved the resolution without any rebuttals, but when it came to making a decision about applying for funds for the new transit station, there was some concern.

      The commission just wants to make sure that we are applying for dollars that will not be bonded to one site. There are still some questions about where the multimodal facility will be located, says David Hamilton, the Interim Director for Albany Transit.

      Although some hesitated to go along with the board, others say delaying the process of attaining funds is something they can TMt do. Transit authorities say are set to receive $1.5 million from the government after submitting the application for funds.