Live Oak students "write off" the competition

Dyani Willis and Jada Bell show off the handwriting skills that won them state titles. / Jessica Fairley

Some schools may be doing away with cursive handwriting but students at Live Oak Elementary School on Gillionville Road is using it to gain accolades.

After entering into the national Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Contest for the first time, three Live Oak students have taken home state titles.

Dyani Willis, Jada Elizabeth Bell, and Gabriel Arnold have all been presented with a gold medal and an award certificate for their outstanding penmanship.

One of the instructors over the school's handwriting program says cursive writing is a way to sharpen the students' minds.

"As they write well, it allows them to think more analytically, I believe, and the more they write, the more fluent they become, and the more fluent they become, the more ideas they can write and put on paper," says Daniel Araujo, a teacher for Live Oak Elementary School.

The school received $600 in handwriting materials for participating in the contest.