Live-in girlfriend accused of shooting boyfriend to death

54-year-old Johnny Crawford was found dead in Moultrie Friday morning

Gina Thompson, 43, is in custody in Colquitt County charged with the murder of her longtime live-in boyfriend Johnny Crawford, 54.

Around 12:30 a.m. Thursday night Colquitt County 911 dispatchers got a call. Gina Thompson gave notice that a burglary was underway at her residence located at 1445 U.S. Highway 319 South in Moultrie.

"The Colquitt County deputies arrived on scene and they were met by Gina and she was saying that someone had broken in and shot at Johnny and shot at her," says Steve Turner, GBI Special Agent in Charge.

Thompson claimed a burglar's bullet had grazed her. While she told her story, Johnny Crawford lay dead in a bedroom.

Those with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations say the victim had several gunshot wounds to the waist and to the chest. They say they didn't have to look far to find a suspect.

For officers, Thompson's story sounded strange. There was no evidence of a burglary and the home was neat.

"It was discovered that she hadn't been shot. Her arm was close to where a bullet had gone off. In other words there was some gun powder burns on her skin," says Steve Turner.

It was gun powder from where police believe she held the gun and it sprayed on her.

Police found a small handgun inside the residence.

Thompson was taken into custody at the Colquitt County Sheriff's Department around 7:30 a.m. on Friday. Officials say they don't have a motive for why she allegedly committed the crime.

Those who knew the couple say they had a volatile relationship and although they had rough patches, it shouldn't have ended like this.

"Both of them were wild you know as far as partying and drinking but they were both good people. It would have been better if she just packed up and left you know. Now her life might be ruined as well," says Bill Thompson, a family friend.

Gina Thompson is being charged with murder and possession of a firearm during a crime.

Police say they will not release whether or not she confessed to the murder.

The investigation is still ongoing.