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      Little Caesar's helps rescue the hungry in Albany

      Albany Rescue Mission paired up with Little Caesar's Monday afternoon to offer food to the needy.

      The national pizza chain cooked on-site as part of a once or twice a year event they perform with the center, offering fresh, hot pizza to those who are in need.

      According to the ARM, there has been an increase lately in those who need help.

      "We're seeing more and more people come for not only food, but for clothing and for shelter as well. There's only so much we as an independent organization can do by ourselves," said Larry Daniel, assistant director of Albany Rescue Mission.

      The ARM feeds the needy three meals a day without any government assistance, operating solely off of donations. Daniel estimates they're feeding around 9,000 meals per month, 365 days a year.

      If you woud like to help the needy, call 229-435-7615 or visit the center at 604 North Monroe street to leave a monetary donation, non-perishable food itmes, or clothes.