Litman Cathedral remembers a church leader and gives back

This is the first of many giveaways to come.
/ Todd Bailey

Bishop J.L. Litman was a leader of the Cathedral House of God Saints and Christ and today his congregation was inspired to give back in his honor.

The legacy of the giving spirit of the bishop J.L Litman will live on in these tough times in the Albany community.

Pastor Michael White of the Cathedral House of God and Saints and Christ says "with the economy the way that it is right now, there are so many people in need for necessities of life. Food is one of those areas and we just wanted to be a blessing to those in the community."

The items were donated by Attorney John Litman and the food bank . Deborah Nelson who received food in the early Saturday giveaway says it will go a long way.

"it's going to help benefit me because, I get around a lot and a lot of people that I know are less fortune. Lots of times they don't have any way but I'll get it and I'll bless others,"Nelson.

Everything from bread to fruit was included in 300 bags prepared by Litman Cathedral volunteers.

Organizer Shirley Litman and the wife of the late John L. Litman was very pleased with the response from the community.

"It's a joy to know that we're able to help the community as far as trying to feed some of the people that need to be fed".

This is the first of many giveaways to come.