Lifeguards: Take precaution when swimming

The Lee County drowning accident of Andre Davis, 21, has lifeguards warning swimmers to take precaution when in the water.

Andre Davis lost his life Saturday afternoon when authorities said he jumped from a man-made platform on Muckalee Creek. Friends tried to revive the victim but they said it was too late.

This incident is one example of why YMCA Aquatic Coordinator, Naomi Johnson is wary of unsupervised waters.

"The safest place to swim is the pool with a certified red cross or YMCA lifeguard on Duty," said Johnson.

She said the danger of swimming in open waters is not knowing what's on the bottom. If you jump or dive in without inspecting it first you could hit your head and end up with a spinal cord injury or end up with a concussion.

If you choose to go swimming in a river or lake, to be safe, Johnson said make sure there is a section divided off for swimming only.

Lake Eufaula, Lake Chehaw, and Lake Blackshear all have areas roped off for swimming said Johnson.

"Stay in those designated areas because they check the bottoms to make sure there are no rocks or trees or anything that can injure you," and Naomi Johnson.

In addition to knowing your aquatic surrounding, lifeguards also advise people to know their strengths and weakness when it comes to swimming.