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      Lieutenant Governor visits Albany colleges

      Georgia Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle made a stop in Albany Wednesday afternoon to visit several local colleges.Cagle made his first stop at Darton State College.He toured the school along with city officials and state senator Freddie Powell-Sims.Casey spoke to FOX 31 about the current government shutdown and how it will affect the state plans and the southwest Georgia district.

      He says the shutdown can't be good for either side in the long run and although the state may not be impacted short term, if the gridlock continues it will affect funding.

      Obviously if it continues to move forward for an extended period of time then some of the reimbursements that we get from the federal government on federal programs could be halted, said Casey Cagle, Georgia Lieutenant Governor.

      He says the bigger concern is the Affordable Care Act and the increase in costs to the state and especially small business owners.

      It certainly is a hug issue and one that has a lot of fighting going on in Washington right now but hopefully a resolve will come, said Casey Cagle.

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