License may be up for Club Xscape

Commissioners continue to decide on several expired alcohol licenses. / From file

Charlie B's isn't the only late-night hot spot that went in front of the City of Albany Commission Monday, "Club Xscape" also pled their case to the board members.

"Club Xscape" has had several issues around the property, which owner Tim Shelton says can be attributed to an event center located next to his property.

Despite the tense conversation, Shelton says he respects what the commission is trying to do.

"The whole goal of the city commissioners is to decrease the problems in the city, and their just trying to do their best to resolve the issues....and I'm just glad that I came before them, and let them hear my case," said Shelton.

"Club Xscape" along with the other four bars up for license renewal will have to wait until January 22nd to find out if they'll be serving drinks in 2013.

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