Library reopenings only months away

For the past month, new Interim Director Pauline Abidde has worked to make sure plans to reopen both libraries go smoothly. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County's Westtown Library and Central Library are set to reopen at the beginning of 2014.

Walter Kelley, Chairman for the Library Board of Trustees, says the challenge now is rebuilding the book database for the Westtown Library.

There are several books catalogued at the Northwest Library branch that will go to the Westtown branch. Library staff will also use the next few months updating the Westtown Library database and installing internet for patrons.

Crews are continuing to work on renovations for the Central Library location in downtown Albany. Once renovations are complete, officials will begin installing furniture.

"With as much volume as we have, you've got to have good stuff or you'll just end up replacing it and we probably won't have the money to replace it anytime soon," said Walter Kelley, Dougherty County Board of Trustees Chair.

Library officials have named Pauline Abidde as the new Interim Director of the Dougherty County Public Library system.

For the past month, she has worked to make sure plans to reopen both libraries go smoothly.

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