Library eBook services increase after holiday

The Lee and Dougherty County libraries say they've noticed significant increases in their eBook services

E-readers like the Nook and Kindle were popular gifts this holiday season, and local libraries are taking notice.

At the Dougherty County Library 50 new users have been added to their online eBook service since Dec. 19. Also since then, they say there have been 156 eBook checkouts and 105 holds placed on eBooks.

At the Lee County Library they say their service has grown rapidly. They say at least a dozen people came in the week after Christmas asking for help with their new eReaders.

"As of this morning only ten percent of the titles we own were in stock so 90 percent of them are staying in stock with a waiting list so they've been very popular," says Andrew Tillman, Tech Specialist at the Lee County Library.

The Lee County Library says the most popular eBook titles include The Hunger Games series and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo along with books by Suzanne Collins, James Patterson and John Grisham.

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