Library board ready to start a new chapter

Dougherty County Library Board

The Dougherty County Library Board met Monday evening and the hot topic was the re-opening of a closed library.

Earlier in the day the Dougherty County Commission granted them $68,833 to reopen the Westtown Library. When it reopens, it will start small operating just 16 hours a week. Officials say because there is so much work needed to make sure its ready for the public the best case scenario is opening the doors in late December 2013 or early January 2014.

Dougherty County Library Board of Trustees Chairman Walter Kelley says the board has to work out the logistics as fast as possible to get 13,000 books back onto shelves.

"The next step is we've got to get the infrastructure back. Although the shelving is still there, we're talking about the computer, wiring, all those books have to be reintegrated into the system so we know what's where cause they've been taken out" says Kelley.

All board members say they're thankful the commission granted enough funds to re-open the Westtown Library.

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