Let's talk about sex

Sex is an uncomfortable word, but one that experts say should be shared.

The more information and education we can impart on our young people, the better they know about the chances, consequences and risks of partaking in sexual activity.

Sex education, everyone has been through it and can tell you that it is a program in which one learns about the development of the human body and helps with establishing healthy relationships.

There is a big difference in the capacity of retaining and understanding material taught amongst different age groups but with everyone talked to about the subject of sex, consensus is that it is more beneficial to teach children early on. Does this promote promiscuity? Sex can be found everywhere. It is in media, in music and even books. No matter which direction you turn, sex isn't going away.

People of all ages become timid around the idea of sex. Sex comes with complex questions and possibly even more complicated answers but the risks and consequences could change a person's life. This fact alone makes sex one of the most important words in a person's vocabulary.

In order to make a difference, we need to continue with more education and communication, at home, at school and if necessary through groups made available as a resource within the community. We are all apart of a puzzle and it takes each and every one of us, not matter what walk of like to work together to increase the knowledge for students, youth and adolescence to make the best choices for what is right for his/her family and for an individuals' life.

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