Let's talk about Earth Day

For years, people across the world have been celebrating Earth Day.

This day is all about make everyone aware of the earths natural environment.

Lowes Store Manager Mike Daniel says "Earth Day is very much more centered on live goods and planting of trees and plants because it all about saving the plant."

One Earth Day supporter talked to FOX 31 about why it's important to participate every year.

Bret Houston says "Earth Day is important because we need to understand that Earth is a vital resource. It is where we get our food from. Today, I'm shopping and I've got a pepper plant that I'm buying that I'm going to plant."

Saving energy can also help the earth and put money back in your wallet.

Jarrod Hill at Lowes Home Improvement says "always look for the Energy Star logo.

Every time you turn down your thermostat, you can save three to four percent on heating and cooling costs. Something as simple as turning off the lights can help and switching to new energy effiecent light bulbs instead of florescent can make a difference.

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