Less water more beer for MillerCoors

Photo Credit: Colby Gallagher

The 2013 MillerCoors Sustainability Report was released on Tuesday showing that not only has the company reduced its water and energy usage nationwide, but the Albany facility has greatly reduced its usage as well.

Nationally, the company was able to bring its water usage down by 6.1% and energy usage by 5.4%. The Albany brewery reduced its uses by 6% and 8% respectively.

Officials say their goal is to promote sustainability and by relying less on water they'll be able to do that longer, especially in drought ridden areas where water usage is carefully watched.

The Albany brewery began using new products like a lubricant that wasn't water or soap-based and stopped relying on steam in some processes, lessening the water and energy usage at the same time.

Dave Dixon with Albany MillerCoors says as technology evolves and the company explores new processes, they hope to continue lowering these numbers in the future.

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