Less water means extra caution for boaters

Ga Power is lowering Lake Chehaw 8ft. / Sean Streicher

Over the next week, the water level in Lake Chehaw will progressively get lower.

Georgia Power is the process of lowering the lake 8 feet in order to perform maintenance on the dam, as well as inside the power station.

"We need to lower the lake to get to the areas of the dam that we can't see and perform maintenance on when the lakes full", said Steve Green, from Georgia Power.

With the lower water level, representatives from Green says boaters will have a difficult time getting their boat in the water.

For the boats that are able to be launched, the drivers must pay close attention to safety.

With the water level lower there may be hazards in the water that aren't usually a problem.

When boating at night, be sure to have lights on your boat so you can be seen easier.

Gerogia Power's, Michael Barnett, says "If you can operate in the river channel it's just going to be much safer, and when you drive up on buoys, or if buoys are in the vicinities just honor what the buoys stand for."

The lower water level is only set to last until October 31st.

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